“The Magnesian League” (Το Κοινόν των Μαγνήτων – To Koinon ton Magniton) is a worldwide association of Greeks from the province of Magnesia who live abroad or have migrated back to Magnesia. The association, which was founded in 2001, is based in Volos, the capital of Magnesia.

The aims of the association as stipulated in its charter are the following:

  • Rallying its members round their common roots
  • Strengthening the ties among its members and forging bonds of solidarity between the association and Magnesia
  • Promoting the history, culture and traditions of Magnesia, as well as its comparative advantages and full potential
  • Bringing to the fore the achievements of its members in the social, cultural, scientific and economic life of their host countries
  • Creating a network of friends of Magnesia and philhellenes in general
  • Supporting projects of cooperation between Magnesia and scientific, social, cultural and economic organizations abroad.

To achieve these goals the association is working in cooperation with public and private entities, academic institutions and local administration authorities in Greece and abroad.

With various initiatives undertaken in recent years, the association has made a contribution to cultural and development projects in Magnesia, by organizing conferences, transferring know how, offering expert advice and suggesting good practices from abroad.

Moreover, during the recent financial crisis, the association has been engaged in social solidarity action to support needy families through local social welfare groups, such as the ‘social supermarket’ (food bank), set up by the municipality of Volos.

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